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A bail bond is basically the amount of money that you must give to any jail through New York in order to acquire the release of the arrested individual while the case progresses. With a bail bond, as long as the person being bailed out makes all of their court appearances, the person paying the bail receives all of their money back. The city, never missing a chance to earn some revenue, keeps a portion of the amount.

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As mandated by the Department of Corrections, the New York City Department of Corrections will accept the subsequent types of monetary bail:

  • Up to $1000 Federal Express money order
  • United States cash for the total amount Cashier's/Tellers' checks, in any amount not more than the bail amount
  • Bank money order
  • Up to $1000 Postal money order
  • Up to $1000 traveler’s check
  • Up to $1000 Western Union money order
  • Up to $1000 Check issued by the city Finance Administrator for a refund on bail
  • Cash in conjunction with any of the above for the complete amount of the bail

Another type of bail can involve presenting a piece of real restate to the city as collateral until the case is resolved. This type of bail often comes up in cases in which the bail is extremely high. Usually, it will not be originally set at the arraignment, but will be requested by a lawyer by way of negotiation or writ with the consent of a judge and a prosecutor.

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Did you know?
The percentage of bail money that is taken out has been challenged in New York, but the United States Supreme Court has continued to keep this enforced.
Additionally, you will have to pay some sort of interest rate to the bail bondsman you end up selecting. Our lawyers handle all of this on your behalf so that you don’t even have to worry about it.