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Choosing the ideal criminal defense lawyer for your drunk driving case in a large city such as Brooklyn can mean the difference between suffering the most serious penalties the criminal justice system has to offer, and freedom.

Have you or a loved one been arrested for drunk driving? Our Brooklyn criminal defense lawyers can help with your defense. Contact a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney today for more information about obtaining legal representation for your case.

Our Brooklyn NY criminal defense lawyers assist clients with a variety of aspects related to drunk driving, including not limiting to the following:

  • DUI Auto Accidents
  • DUI Causing Injury
  • DUI Court Process
  • DMV Hearings
  • Felony DUI
  • Under 21 DUI
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Breath Test Refusals
  • DUI Expungements
  • Sobriety Checkpoints
  • Unlawful Police Stops
  • Out of State Arrests
  • Drugs & DUI Arrests
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Breathalyzer Test
  • Blood Tests

In addition to the more apparent legal repercussions of dealing with the courts, law enforcement officials, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there are other penalties that usually result from a NY drunk driving arrest or conviction.

If you have been arrested on drunk driving charges in Brooklyn County, you should speak with an attorney that has experience and success with these type of cases. Drunk driving laws are not too complex, however, dealing with the pitfalls of the different courts in Brooklyn takes an attorney that has successfully done so many times before. Our criminal defense are in the courts everyday and know what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome in a drunk driving case.

Are you or someone you know facing charges for drunk driving? Our Brooklyn criminal defense attorneys are here to help defend you. Time is crucial, so contact a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

Did you know?

There are various factors that a prosecutor will take into consideration when it comes to making decisions regarding penalties in a drunk driving case.
One of the biggest factors that is taken into consideration is how high the defendant's blood alcohol content level (BAC) was when they were arrested. The higher the blood alcohol content level, the more severe the penalties will be.