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Q: What does it mean to have your criminal record sealed or expunged?
A: Sealing a criminal record stops anyone from outside the criminal justice system from seeing it. For example, if someone does a background check on you prior to giving you a job or renting you an apartment, they won’t see your criminal record, even though it exists. However, with an expunged criminal record, it is removed completely and it is like it never existed in the first place. While a criminal record expungement seems more ideal for obvious reasons, not all crimes are eligible for a criminal record expungement—or in some cases, they may not eligible for record sealing, either. A criminal defense lawyer can evaluate your situation and let you know what you may be eligible for. We can then pursue that form of action to ensure that your privacy is protected. from finding employment or housing), to seal your record.

Q: I just receive a traffic ticket. Is this considered a crime, and if not, can a criminal defense lawyer help me?
A: Rarely are traffic citations classified as misdemeanors, which is a type of crime, but even as infractions, it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer can ensure that you reach the most favorable outcome on your ticket, which can include less points on your license, less fees, or may even result in the ticket being thrown out together if there is a discrepancy. Of course, when it comes to more serious charges such as involuntary manslaughter, hit and run or drunk driving, it is especially crucial to seek the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Q: Are prison and jail the same thing? If not, what is the difference?
A: Prison and jail are actually two different types of institutions. Jail is operated on a local city or county level and is where people are kept following an arrest, usually until they are released or sentenced to a prison. Prison is operated in a state (in some cases, federal) level and is where the criminals serve their sentence after being convicted of a crime. In some cases, when a prison becomes overly populated, some prisoners be forced to carry out their sentence in a county or city jail if their prison sentence isn’t too long.