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Authorities Arrest 43 Gang Members in Brooklyn

At a press conference on Thursday, New York law enforcement officers announced the indictment of 43 individuals that have been arrested in connection with gang activity. The defendants, which have been connected with warring gangs, are related to gang activity that has occurred in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney, announced that 18 people from the gang “Hoodstarz” and 25 people from the gang “Wave Gang” have been detained for the gang activity in Brooklyn that has been inflicted by these groups.

According to Brooklyn police officers, the leader of the Hoodstarz gang—Culture Bermudez—enforced orders to go after rival members of another gang. In August, gang member Gilberto Vincente shot a firearm into a courtyard, fatally wounding an innocent bystander by the name of Daniel Aleys. Additionally, other bystanders were hurt, including a 9-year-old boy. The Wave Gang then had plans to get back and retaliate for this shooting and action.

"Fear among the community was heightened due to the targeted acts of violence committed by these two gangs in Brownsville," Hynes was quoted saying in a statement. "The gangs had a longstanding feud over territory, leading to wanton and reckless behavior where kids would shoot at each other because they were in the wrong gang or on the wrong street or in front of the wrong building," he added.

What as referred to as "Operation Tidal Wave," Brooklyn police say they arrested the 43 gang members, ranging from 15 to 21, on Jan. 17 and Jan. 18. Gang members also allegedly harmed youths of 13 and 14, stealing their personal belongings. Law enforcement officials also used websites, such as Facebook, in order to locate the gangs and their members.

"Gang members made the mistake of boasting about their shootings on Twitter which NYPD officers used to help establish their complicity in murder and other crimes," Kelly was quoted saying.

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People convicted of violent crimes may not only face prison sentences, but face other penalties such as fines counseling, restitution, and probation as well.
Those found guilty of these crimes will most likely be fried from their job and will often face difficulties in finding decent employment after serving any prison sentence.